Do your practice and all is coming


UTL Yoga School (

Mysore style:

Monday to Friday from 6:01-9:13
(no class on new moon and full moon days).

Doors open at 5:45. Teaching happens from 6:01 to 9:13
By 9:29 the Shala and changing room have to be empty.
Last Friday of the month 2 full primary led classes.



Prices (Mysore class )

One month valid ticket:

  • 5 days per week 19000 Yen
  • 3 days per week 15000 Yen SUSPENDED

Three months valid ticket:

  • 10 times 22000 Yen
  • 4 times 11000 Yen

Drop in:

  • 3000 Yen

Private class : contact directly Kranti

Rental mat for Mysore class (black mat)

  • 200 yen /day
  • 1.000 yen /month

* for information regarding Mysore`s class and purchase of relative ticket , please contact directly Kranti

* For students new to Ashtanga Yoga (to Mysore class), A one-month commitment (3 or 5 times per week) is required. No “drop-ins” for absolute beginners. Visiting students with an established practice are welcome as drop-ins.

In the Shala and before

Stop eating (solid or heavy meals) at least 3 hours before practice.
Take a shower, and don’t wear any perfume or deodorant before practice, please.
In the case of injury, pregnancy or specific illness, please consult the teacher before practicing.
During the first 3 days of menstruation, take rest from practice… known in Mysore as “lady’s holiday”.


Remember that the body is made of bones, muscle, ligament etc.. and not of rubber, So be gentle with yourself!
Look for a practice balance between effort and letting go, Abhyasa Vairagya . Don’t push and don’t get lazy.
Changes are happening all the time, be patient, present, and alert. Remind yourself that there is no hurry.
As Guruji (The affectionate name for Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) says : Do your practice and all is coming.